Coupled Hopper


Coupled Hopper

Completely built in high quality stamped sheet, which offers a safe structure without breaking problems.

All De Grande products present a great variety of colors, in order to adapt perfectly to the machineries of those who choose us.

More Features

Foundry hubs
Steel with twin reinforced conical rollers.
Equipped with rims for tires 23-1-30.

Bumper, rear hitch and front visor
Its low height and strength allow it to be loaded onto the railing, increasing its capacity (very useful in sunflower harvesting).

This equipment can be delivered with electronic scale, cover and tool box.

Interior system
It has a new system of opening and closing horizontal auger, by means of blades which allows the action even with the entire load.

Highly reinforced in sheet 5/16 in tubular form of 200 mm in height.

Profile HEB 180 mm.

Gimbal telescope control with fuse to prevent breakage.

Control box
Steel case with standard gears in oil bath, which allows the use of a single command through a chain.

Nº 6208 2Z seated on rubber trays to absorb vibrations.

Hydraulic system
It has a flow reversing key, allowing its use in simple command tractors. It has 2 hydraulic cylinders, one to fold and extend the vertical auger and another to operate the blade system.

Hopper base
Fully threaded bolts to facilitate its replacement in case of wear.

Cemented with 1 “roller chains. Discharge pipe: built in sheet 3/16.

MODELS  12/14 TT 1 AXIS 12/14 TT 2 axes  16/18 TT 1 eje  16/18 TT 2 axes | 4x4  20/22 TT 1 axis
Power required for displacement 80 / 100 HP  80 / 100 HP  90 / 120 HP  90 / 120 HP  120 / 140 HP
Hopper length 4000 mm  4000 mm  5000 mm  5000 mm  5770 mm
Hopper width 2950 mm  2950 mm  3000 mm  3000 mm  2970 mm
Hopper height 2950 mm  2950 mm  3010 mm  3010 mm  3170 mm
Approximate weight 2600 kg  2600 kg  3400 kg  3850 kg  4060 kg

Diameter of discharge tube
320 mm  320 mm  400 mm  400 mm  400 mm
Back wheels 23-1-30 23-1-30 23-1-30 23-1-30 23-1-30
Front wheels No  16-9-24 16-9-24 23-1-30 23-1-30
Independent chassis No  No  No  Yes Yes
Discharging 3 min  3 min  4 min  4 min  4.5 min

Soft opening scissors, discharge tube

Rear door for total floor dismantling and auger.

Transmission with a single ASA 80 chain (avoids auger breakage)

Hydraulic system of blades / guillotines

Control box with gears in oil bath

Electronic balance multifunction monitor (optional)

Reinforced front train, hubs with bearings 32217 in oil bath.

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