A Comparison of 5 Construction ERP Software Options

Enterprise resource planning is a holistic business software solution made for data analytics. It takes information from different business processes like accounting, payroll, job costing, project management, inventory/equipment management, content management, and order/delivery management, and provides analytics for business executives. Because ERP integrates the financial side of the business with every other sector, you are able to track each cost throughout the whole project lifecycle and make your company more agile.

For construction managers, choosing the right ERP is a stressful endeavor. ERP software is expensive, and it’s tough to narrow down the options to what’s best for your construction business.

That’s why we’ve distilled the lengthy list of ERPs down to five different options that would be beneficial to construction firms. These systems largely integrate construction accounting software, tool management software, construction CRM software, along with other construction management tools to form a whole system. Read through and take your pick of the best construction ERP software!


Offering supply chain management, manufacturing, and sales and marketing features, Epicor is a market leader in construction ERP solutions. It can be installed locally, self-hosted, or be used on the cloud. Epicor is highly customizable; users should take advantage of their add-on modules for CRM, QPM, and PLM, especially. Epicor is made by Epicor.com, which prides itself on tailoring software solutions to each company’s needs. Pricing starts at $4,000 and scales with each added module.

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